Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Kiosk Technology Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Kiosk Technology - Research Proposal Example Kiosk point-of-sale systems provide 24 x 7 availability to the customers where they can make transactions in an easy, user-friendly manner. The ease, with which transactions can be made, provides an important element towards an organization's ability to attract customers; as the customers look for user-friendly and always available systems that can take care of their needs. Kiosk promises to be the technological advancement that can take care of this need. In addition, kiosks provide customers with product information and interactive features that improves the overall image of the company in customers' minds. Kiosks are available in various types and for various purposes. Ranging from a simple cash register to a complex and integrated ATM (Automated Teller Machine), kiosks are believed to improve customer relationships, reduce headcounts for manual/ traditional operations, to take benefit of technology boom, to achieve accuracy and efficiency in operations and to improve customers' p erception about the company by providing various marketing and product/ services information on the kiosk terminals. This research will concentrate on evaluating the use of kiosks at var... Presenting Problem Any strategic investment in technology is made only if there are visible benefits and high expected returns from the investment. Kiosks have been used at POS sites with a hope to increase customer visits and their satisfaction levels that might ultimately lead to an increase in business revenue. However, there are no measurements and or performance evaluation mechanisms to find out the effectiveness of kiosks in adding to customer delight at the point of sale sites; and if at all there are some benefits to it. My research will help establish a relationship between kiosks and the POS systems to determine if kiosks add value to the overall productivity of POS sites and how can this value be measured, if at all. This can be used as part of feasibility analysis for strategic IT investment in kiosk technology by companies at their point of sale systems sites. Scope and Scale The scope of this research can not be restricted to few organizations or customers only. Since kiosks are being used by a variety of companies in a number of instances, it is wise to sample different sets of businesses and customers to develop a representative output for the entire universe of customers and businesses. The scope of this research includes surveys to be conducted with both customers who make use of kiosk technology and businesses that employ kiosk systems at the point of customer interaction. I will gather surveys from approximately 25 respondents belonging to various sites and areas, and then will attempt to compile the results. The number of surveys and interviews is only an estimate with an expected variation of ten percent for the number of respondents for the survey. Target The relationship between customer interaction with kiosk at POS systems and

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Future of HCIs Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Future of HCIs - Essay Example On the other hand, linguistics deals with the development of machines and human languages and the link between these phenomena. As computers become common in culture, designers are progressively looking for ways to make interfacing with these devices to be easy, harmless and more effective. By 2020, computer users are expected to interrogate machines. Moreover, computers are anticipated to form the primary part of these interactions since there will be new rules of association with machines that will in turn grow into â€Å"techno-dependency†. Even though papers will still be used in the future, digital paper will also flourish thereby giving room for creativity, for instance, social network magazines will form part of real time interaction. Digital storage of even more features of people’s lives, from a mobile handset calls to CCTV recordings, could be a reality in the future. Additionally, wider network coverage will mean secrecy will be a key emphasis of the HCI community. Human "digital footprint", that is, the sharing of more aspects of people’s lives through digital photography, blogging, podcasting and video, is set to get bigger, and this will raise crucial questions about how much information we should store about